Hello. My name is Manuel Sulzer and I'm a photographer based in the south west of Germany. I am mainly focused on mountainbike, advendture, landscape and outdoor photography in generell. About ten years ago I started taking pictures of friends on bikes and covering mountainbiking events, which lead to regular assignments in the industry. For a couple of years I focused on mountainbiking photography while at the same time constantly working as an assistant for renowned advertising photographers. In the years of working in the bike business doing commercial and editorial shoots I developed a modern visual language in my images, emphasized by a search for the perfect composition pared with warm natural light situations. My passion for the outdoors and travel lead me to places around the world looking for adventures and being active in the mountains always searching for unique shots. Nowadays I work commercially in the outdoor industry, I do image editing and contribute to stock agencies where my pictures get used worldwide (see my profile on Image Source or Getty Images). For inquiries please contact me via phone (+49 174 3066764) or mail (manuelsulzer@icloud.com) and, if you like, follow me on Instagram (@manuelsulzer). Happy to hear from you!


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