Recent assignment for the german mountainbike brand GHOST Bikes, shooting their new 2018 E-Mountainbike model HybRide SLAMR X. The goal was to show the capabilities of the bike as well as it's key features and components like mixed wheelsizes, 160mm travel fork or high ground clearance. The steep and rocky terrain of Lake Garda made the perfect playground to show the bike's uphill und downhill performance. For me it was the first time extensively riding an E-Bike of this category and I was impressed on how it not only handled even the roughest trails on decents but also climbed them up again with ease. Especially for bike photographers with heavy backpacks electrified mountainbikes are a dream come true and a big relief when you are out in the mountains trying to keep up with your riding partners on shootings like this.


On our way back from Italy we stopped at another lake. In the dried out Forggensee we had some fun proving that E-Bikes can fly just like regular Mountainbikes can.


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